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Position Statements

Position Statements

After extensive research and evaluation of certain issues, the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors may determine that an official position should be taken to reinforce the relevance and importance the issue has upon its membership.  A rationale for this decision is determined, including how this position aligns with the Chamber’s mission as well as the potential impact the issue could place upon its members.


2016 General Election Ballot Measures (322 KB PDF)
K-12 Education Funding (363 KB PDF)
Any Willing Provider (IM 17) (219 KB PDF)
April 2014 Ballot Issues (Shape Places, 85th St. & Minnesota Ave, Spellerberg Pool) (262 KB PDF)
Marketplace Fairness (173 KB PDF)
Minimum Wage (IM 18) (235 KB PDF)


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