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Advocating for business

Chamber’s Position

As a voice for our local business community, the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce evaluates public policies, legislative bills and ballot measures as they arise.

After researching issues, the Chamber may determine an official position to bring important issues and measures to light with members. Rationale for official positions is outlined in an issue brief. These statements also include explanation as to how the position aligns with the Chamber’s mission to advance economic health and quality of life for our region.

We encourage our members to follow the issues, share their voices, lobby their elected officials and, most importantly, vote. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this process, read more about our Issues Management Council.

Briefs and Statements

Issue briefs share clear, objective information on issues to inform Chamber members. Issue briefs contain the arguments made by proponents and opponents of the issue, followed by the rationale for the Chamber’s position. These briefs are thoroughly vetted and researched by Chamber staff, the Issues Management Council, the Chamber’s executive committee and others.

Position statements detail how a particular issue aligns with the Chamber’s Policy Statements. They include reasons for the Chamber’s position on the issue.

The Chamber’s official position on the issue is determined by a vote of the Board of Directors.

Recent Issues

Below are the issues that the Chamber most recently took positions on.

For information on briefs or statements released during elections further in the past, contact the Chamber Public Policy Director.

The Chamber is important to us from an an advocacy standpoint. If I have an issue, on the local, state or even federal level, I know that the Chamber will be there to back me up, answer my questions, and to get involved in the issues that might impact my business.

Tom Murphy, K&J Trucking, Inc.

Mitch Rave

Vice President of Public Policy