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Business Sense Workshop: Writing for Accessibility

Business Sense Workshop: Writing for Accessibility Tuesday, June 5, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Chamber of Commerce
200 N. Phillips Ave., Suite 200
Sioux Falls, SD

Your website's not just designed for your audiences: it's designed for everyone. Which means it needs to be accessible to everyone. Often, web accessibility falls into the hands of web designers and developers. But just as important is how we write and manage content - the headings, the images, and the plain language of a website. In this seminar, we will get a high-level look at what editors can do to make their sites more accessible: how to handle images, how to write headings, and why plain language is important. And, in the end, we’ll make clear the responsibility we all have in making sure the web is a better place. For everyone.

This is a presentation by Corey Vilhauer, Blend Interactive.

Cost: $10, bring your own lunch
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