Photo looking up into dome of capitol building in Pierre, SD

Chamber Advocate: Feb. 10, 2023

The legislature has completed 21 days of the 38 legislative day session. The last day of the “main run” this year will be March 9. Veto day is scheduled for March 27. The next major deadline is cross-over day, February 22. The is the last day to pass bills or joint resolution out of their house of origin.

This year there are 450 bills, 41 resolutions/commemorations for a grand total of 491 items the legislature will take action on this year.

This week, SB 13 and SB 14, a pair of bills related to funding and construction at the BG Dean Mann Readiness Center in Sioux Falls were passed by the House. The Chamber actively supported this pair of bills. They are headed to the Governor’s desk for signature.

HB 1151 – Support

HB 1151 is an act to create the South Dakota paid family leave program. This bill would create an option for private businesses to utilize if the business would choose to offer a paid family leave program for their business.

This bill was passed by the House State Affairs this week and now heads to the House Appropriations Committee.

SB 76 – Support

SB 76 is an act to provide for licensure by endorsement for certain licensed professional and occupations. This bill expands current law to recognize any license for any occupation from another state:

  • To have their license recognized under this statute, an individual must have a current license from another state or country; demonstrate competency in their profession; pass a background check; and be in good standing in the state or county that issued their license.
  • If an individual meets these criteria and pays their fee, they will be issued a license to practice in South Dakota by either the licensing board or the department secretary – whichever has the authority to issue the license.

The bill passed Senate Commerce and Energy.

SB 178 – Oppose

SB 178 is an act to create provisions for the protection of warehouse distribution center employees. This bill was modeled after problems with large warehouses in New York and California. The bill addressed worker concerns in those states. The Chamber opposed this bill and it died in Senate Commerce and Energy Committee.

SB 158 – Support

SB 158 is an act to make an appropriation to provide funding for major infrastructure projects to support South Dakota airports. This bill would appropriate $20 million to the Department of Transportation for the purpose of providing grants to supplement local and federal funding for SD airport infrastructure projects. The bill passed Senate Commerce and Energy Committee and has been sent to Joint Appropriations.

New requirements for business with State government

On January 20, 2023, Governor Noem issued an Executive Order (EO) restricting the entities that can do business with the State of South Dakota. The EO requires businesses to complete a form certifying that their business is not owned or controlled by China, Iran, North Korea, and other prohibited entities.

Entities that want to do business with the state need to sign the certification form and mail it to the Office of Procurement Management. The business will then be added to the list of EO-compliant businesses.

A copy of the certification form and a public list of approved vendors is available here.

If you have Questions, contact the South Dakota Office of Procurement Management at or (605) 773-3405.