2022 SELS 4-H/FFA Livestock Judging Contest

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SUNDAY, JANUARY 30, 2022, 1 P.M.


  • Early online entries are accepted through January 9, 2022 at a rate of  $10 per individual contestants. Click "register" to enter today!


  • Late entries are accepted at check-in, with an additional late fee of $10 per individual contestants.


  • Sunday, January 30, Noon-12:45 p.m., Northside of Expo Building


  • You must be from the same county or school to enter as a team.
  • The contest is open to youth/students who fit into the age divisions below. Contestants can judge on a team that is a division above their actual age division, however contestants are not allowed to judge in divisions lower than their actual age division.
  • Age Divisions:
    • Beginner: Age 8-10 on or before January 1
    • Junior: Age 11-13 on or before January 1
    • Senior: Age 14-18 on or before January 1
  • Team competition: A team consists of four (4) individuals meeting the above requirements. Individuals may compete but will not be eligible for team prizes. 
  • Counties or schools can bring as many participants as they want, however, the top 4 scores will count as the team total. There will ONLY be ONE team score for EACH country/school.
  • Substitutes on teams pre-registered will be accepted the day of the contest.


  • Classes to be judged: 3-4 classes of cattle, 2-3 classes of swine, 2-3 classes of sheep/goats. Two (2) classes will have questions. Livestock Show personnel reserve the right to alter classes depending on the availability of livestock. 
  • Contestants will be allowed eight (8) minutes to judge each class. Question classes will determine ties.
  • NOTE: Please bring clipboards and pencils – we will be using scan sheets for the contest.


  • Results will be posted on www.judgingcard.com
  • Awards will be mailed out after the contest. 
  • Please make sure there is a correct address on online registration form.


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The Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce (Sioux Empire Livestock Show) and the Sioux Empire Fair Association/W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds cannot prevent you [or your child(ren)] from becoming exposed to, contracting or spreading COVID-19 while utilizing the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds premises. It is not possible to prevent against the presence of the disease. Therefore, if you choose to attend the Sioux Empire Livestock Show at the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds, you may be exposing yourself to and/or increasing your risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. 

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