2023 SELS 4-H/FFA Livestock Judging Contest

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SUNDAY, JAN. 29, 2023, 1 P.M.


Early Entry Deadline & Fees

  • Early online entries are accepted through January 6, 2023, at a rate of $10 per individual contestants.

Late Entry Option & Fees

  • Late entries are accepted at check-in, with an additional late fee of $10 per individual contestant ($20 per individual contestant if you register at check-in).



  • Sunday, Jan. 29, Noon-12:45 p.m., in between the bleachers in the center room of the Expo Building, by the concession stands


  • You must be from the same county or school to count as a team.
  • The contest is open to youth/students who fit into the age divisions below. Contestants can judge on a team that is a division above their actual age division, however contestants are not allowed to judge in divisions lower than their actual age division.
  • Age Divisions:
    • Beginner: Age 8-10 on or before Jan. 1
    • Junior: Age 11-13 on or before Jan. 1
    • Senior: Age 14-18 on or before Jan. 1
  • Team competition: A team consists of three (3) individuals meeting the above requirements. Individuals may compete but will not be eligible for team prizes.
  • Counties or schools can bring as many participants as they want, however, the top 3 scores will count as the team total. There will ONLY be ONE team score for EACH county/school.
  • Substitutes on pre-registered contestants will be accepted the day of the contest.


  • Classes to be judged: 3-4 classes of cattle, 2-3 classes of swine, 2-3 classes of sheep/goats. Two (2) classes will have questions. Livestock Show personnel reserve the right to alter classes depending on the availability of livestock.
  • Contestants will be allowed eight (8) minutes to judge each class. Question classes will determine ties.
  • NOTE: Please bring clipboards and pencils – we will be using scan sheets for the contest.


  • Results will be posted on www.judgingcard.com
  • Awards will be mailed out after the contest.
  • Please make sure there is a correct address on registration form.