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This post was updated on Feb. 23

The 2024 South Dakota legislative session is in its final weeks, and there are a few pieces of legislation that the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce is actively working to help get over the finish line in the coming days.

There are two bills of particular importance to the business community – SB 201 and SB 144. We encourage you to contact your legislators to request their support of both bills!

SB 144

SB 144 appropriates $90 million over 5 years to support airport improvements, infrastructure and terminal expansion to all airports in South Dakota.

  • SB 144 will provide an appropriation of $18 million dollars in fiscal year 2024, and allocate $18 million each year for the next four years.
  • This funding will provide critical grant funds to support and expand the Sioux Falls airport and other airports across the state.
  • The Sioux Falls airport is a critical part of our local and regional economy. This infrastructure provides access to Sioux Falls and South Dakota for businesses, tourists, and travel for our citizens.
  • The Sioux Falls airport also serves as an economic driver and a plays a critical role in providing access between the greater Sioux Falls area and the rest of the world.
  • Click here to learn more about the needs of the Sioux Falls airport and how these funds might be used.

The Joint Appropriations Committee took up SB 144 on Friday, Feb. 23 and amended the bill to $1. This is a common practice used by appropriators to keep the bill alive for continued debate. The amended bill was passed out of committee on a vote of 15-2 and will be heard on the Senate floor next week.

Please reach out to your legislators and inform them of the importance that airports play in our state’s economy and our communities’ continued growth. Urge your legislators to support SB 144.

SB 201

SB 201 creates clarity and uniformity for regulations regarding safety and zoning for linear projects, specifically carbon pipelines, to ensure that these projects are not a risk to our citizens.

  • SB 201 also provides funding to South Dakota counties that a carbon pipeline runs though by providing the counties with compensation at $1 on each foot of pipeline in their county.
  • This bill will help support projects that are essential to value added agriculture, specifically the ethanol industry.
  • To learn more about the need for this, visit

This bill has passed the Senate. It will be heard in the House Commerce & Energy committee next week. We ask that you please reach out to your Representatives and urge them to support SB 201 for South Dakota.

Contact your legislators

When contacting your legislators on issues, we encourage you to use your personal email address and in your message include where you live and in which district you reside.

Be clear that you Support SB 201 and SB 144 and share your reasons why. Thank you for advocating for a stronger Sioux Falls!