Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce

Imagining the Riverline District

Public input sought on the future of downtown development

The next major development in downtown Sioux Falls will likely be on the east side of the Big Sioux River, near the southwest corner of 10th Street and Cliff Avenue. While the location has been identified, what the development will look like is not yet defined. Residents are asked to share their ideas and input on the best future use of the area called the Riverline District.

A committee, known as Friends of the Riverline District, was formed to study the opportunities available at the site. In late January, the committee announced that letters of intent had been secured on two key parcels of land.

“The assembly of this land is a tremendous first step for our community as we look toward the next big, bold vision for our downtown,” said Lynne Keller-Forbes, Friends of the Riverline District Co-Chair. “To successfully secure land rights for this size of a district in our downtown will allow us to begin dreaming big on what we can do for future generations.

Initial funding to support the project study, consultants and earnest money on land options is being provided by Forward Sioux Falls and Southeastern Council of Governments. The Sioux Falls Development Foundation is serving as the holder of the land while the studies and discussions take place.

The Riverline District was identified as having greater potential beyond its current use. The area is currently home to Drake Springs swimming pool, the future Sioux Falls Skatepark and Nelson Park. These developments are expected to set the direction for future developments, with family-friendly uses being most likely. The enhanced district would include the current Department of Social Services campus and the land formerly known as Stadium Court.

“This is a time for our community to think big,” said Natalie Eisenberg, Friends of the Riverline District Co-Chair. “This land, in conjunction with the adjacent railyard land and the future reconstructed viaduct, has tremendous potential to continue the incredible transformation we are seeing in our downtown.”

The visioning process and use studies will take place over the course of the next year. The public survey will be open through March 24, 2023. Residents are encouraged to share their ideas and get involved in the project at the Riverline District’s website.