Meet the Candidate

Miranda Basye

Sioux Falls City Council: Northeast Candidate

Occupation: Marketer

Education: B.A. Media Studies; B.A. Spanish – University of Sioux Falls

Family: Tyler Basye (husband); Atlas & Ryker (my pups!) ; Barney IV & Pam Cain (parents) Laycee Kluin & Andrea Cain (sisters)

Years in Sioux Falls: My whole life

What is the most pressing challenge facing our community and how would you work to address it?:

We’ve been fortunate to have strong leadership in Sioux Falls to allow many of us to enjoy life here. We have exciting opportunities for growth and enhancing the quality of life while also experiencing some complex concerns. Staying grounded in public safety, emotional and psychological safety, thoughtfully planned infrastructure, and responsible economic development will help us keep Sioux Falls and the surrounding area an enjoyable place to call home.

Beyond smooth roads, plowed streets, feeling safe, and continued opportunities, some of the biggest concerns I’m hearing are centered around complex issues like child care, affordable housing, transportation, and workforce development. We have a tall order in discerning what the appropriate role is for local government in that these issues are ones many other communities across the region and the country are also experiencing.

To me, public service means being a vessel for the people and community I serve. To advocate for the good of the collective, I must understand the collective. I’m curious about most things and look forward to hearing from as many perspectives as possible when forming ideas, initiatives, and policies through discernment-lead problem-solving.

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