Meet the Candidate

Neil Jeske

Sioux Falls City Council: Northeast Candidate

Occupation: Small business owner, former trucker.

Education: Western Virginia Community College – Tractor Trailer Training

Family: Engaged to be married this summer. My family is from Wisconsin, Midwest family.

Years in Sioux Falls: 4. One of my grandmothers is from Hanson County, SD.

What is the most pressing challenge facing our community, and how would you work to address it?:

These are some issues on my radar to help our community prosper.

Taxes/Government waste/Code enforcement

Find and cut government waste by starting at the Mayor’s office. He has three appointed positions. 215k$, 99$K, and $104k no assistant this year. No appointments only elected positions. A lot of more cuts available, I am offering a 100% honest, transparent and accountable government if you elect me.

The city is not enforcing code regarding bad actors, allowing bad landlords not to provide basic livability to tenants. This is inhumane and needs to be corrected immediately. I have almost over a decade tenant-landlord rights and contract law which makes me the most qualified to help here.

Crime/Soft on Crime/Homelessness

The boy who shot at the police at the empire mall riot in 2020 ended up being my neighbor after only serving a year in jail on a 15-year jail sentence. This is absurd, violent criminals need to stay in jail.

We cannot ordinance our way out of homeless problem in our city. Build the coalitions to solve and help people what really want to get off the streets and out of poverty.

Housing/Child care/Small business

Property taxes don’t stop going up because the city government is too big and spends too much.

Childcare solution is to offer property tax cuts or freezes, no permit fees.

Small business is not being represented and being stifled the whole way with non police action with thefts, vandalism, ect to permit fees.

Northeast Unite for More Freedom, Less Government. I am asking to earn your vote today because I am the most qualified candidate with over three years of real public service, twenty years of work experience and almost a decade of owning my own small business.

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