Veterans Community Project shatters campaign goal

…If VCP is enabled to thrive here, lives will be changed, families restored and more people will be converted into our workforce.

While the Veterans Community Project’s (VCP) primary responsibility is to provide essential shelter for homeless veterans, it is also significant to surround vets with vital wrap-around services. VCP partners with local agencies, non-profits, companies and individuals to help them overcome these challenges.

A crucial component to deploy these services will be the construction of the Village Center, which was the focal point of VCP’s Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce Community Appeals campaign, held November 2023 through March 2024. Sixty-six volunteers, a strong leadership team and a dedicated staff conducted an extremely successful campaign, raising over $2.9 million – more than twice the goal.

Over 628 community volunteers, corporations, schools, veterans’ organizations and churches have invested in the project since establishing a footprint in Sioux Falls. “VCP is truly the community’s project,” said Development Director Alisha Grove. She added that the guidance, organization and professionalism they received from the Chamber throughout the fundraising campaign was exceptional.

Campaign Co-Chair Jeannine Hoff-Lubben said the difference VCP will make in our community is enormous. “Unfortunately, we have many homeless vets here in town, not to mention the surrounding area and our state. If VCP is enabled to thrive here, lives will be changed, families restored and more people will be converted into our workforce.”

Village Center construction started in late February 2024. Five tiny homes have been completed, with another five homes nearing completion of interior construction. The Village Center is scheduled for completion by September 2024 and the entire village has a target completion date of early 2026.

Executive Director John Holter said the hope is to model the Sioux Falls village after one in Kansas City, resulting in a significant economic impact to the community. “In Kansas City, property values increased significantly for not only the VCP Village, but also neighboring homes and businesses.”

Once the Village is completed, there will be space for 25 single residents or up to 75 total residents if all family units were at maximum capacity. VCP also assists Veterans in an outreach capacity even though they may not reside in the village.

“VCP is needed here, and any support to contribute will have an enormous impact on the people of Sioux Falls,” Hoff-Lubben said.