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Agribusiness volunteers recognized

The Agribusiness Division of the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce honored several volunteers during their Annual Awards Banquet. The volunteer awards are selected by the leadership of the Agribusiness Division and the Sioux Empire Livestock Show (SELS). These awards are mainly focused on volunteer efforts at the SELS each year.

Volunteer of the Year Awards

The First National Bank in Sioux Falls – Ag Branch: The First National Bank in Sioux Falls always has at least one of their team members on location at the fairgrounds during the week of the Sioux Empire Livestock Show, just in case help is needed. They are quick to volunteer for even the most labor-intensive tasks and do it with a smile on their face. A few of the FNBSF crew have been helping with the show for many years and plan to volunteer for years to come.

Brian Sittig, CNA Surety: Brian volunteered to work in the Quality Shed (check in booth) at some of the earliest hour time slots. He greeted people and welcomed them into our barn. With Brian on duty getting exhibitors settled, staff were able to focus on other show needs.

Jo Beal, Beal Distributing: Jo has been the superintendent for the sheep and goat shows for many years, and has been volunteering at SELS even longer. She also plays a key role in collecting silent auction item donations for the Mayor’s Round-Up & Sale of Champions. Her knowledge on the show and willingness to do whatever is needed to keep the show rolling is priceless.

Derek Little, First Dakota National Bank: Derek serves as the superintendent of the Collegiate Livestock Judging Contest – one of the biggest contests of SELS. He helped grow the contest to over 350 registrants in 2022. Derek challenges the status quo and is constantly looking to improve the show.

Rookie of the Year Award

Tolcha Mesele, Smithfield Foods: Tolcha spent many days volunteering at the 2022 SELS and was willing to jump in wherever needed, even if it wasn’t what he signed up for. He spent hours in the Quality Shed, then helped clean it out at the end of the week, learned how to be a ring man for the breeding heifer show, and set tables for the Mayor’s Round-Up and Sale of Champions.

Above & Beyond Award

Jay Buchholz, Sioux Valley Energy: Jay goes above and beyond for the Agribusiness Division and the Chamber throughout the year, but he really shines during SELS. He sees a need and fills it, is always asking how he can be of assistance and takes the time to do each task well. His customer service skills are outstanding, and he is trusted to deal with difficult situations.

Honorary Service Award

Darryll and Jan Larson: Darryll and Jan are prime examples of what it means to serve an organization with honor and pride. For many years, they have served SELS as superintendents of the breeding heifer show and 4-H/FFA Invitational calf show. They are retiring this year, and their hard work, jokes, and overall enthusiasm will be greatly missed.