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Message from the Chair

Spring is often a busy time of year for groundbreakings and this year was no exception. Over the last six weeks several groundbreakings were held for development projects around the community. As chair of the Chamber’s Board, I had the privilege of participating in some of these ceremonies.

The list of projects tells a story. Businesses, such as Banner Associates and Comfort Inn & Suites Sanford Complex, are building and expanding to meet demand from customers. Two projects reflect the work being done to meet the challenges of a growing city. Affordable Housing Solutions broke ground on six town home/twin home units that will be sold to buyers that meet HUD income guidelines. The Regional Water Reclamation Plant Expansion is designed to both support our existing system and meet the growth and development needs of our area. Finally, ceremonies for Start Up Sioux Falls and the Tomar Park Tennis Complex remind us of what can be achieved when people come together for the good of our community.

Sioux Falls is working on all fronts to keep our economy strong and our quality of life high

Growth brings both opportunities and challenges. And, as shown through the recent groundbreakings, Sioux Falls is working on all fronts to keep our economy strong and our quality of life high.

Quality of life is an important part of our ability to attract and retain a strong workforce. People moving to Sioux Falls from around the country are drawn by not only the job opportunities and low cost of living, but also our safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, arts and entertainment options and more.

That is why the recent announcement from the Sioux Falls Skatepark Association was so exciting. They successfully raised $1.7 million in their Chamber-scheduled Community Appeal campaign. The money supports the construction of a new skatepark in the heart of the city. Projects like this enhance our quality of life and are possible thanks to the generosity of our business community!

Thank you for your investment in your chamber membership. And thank you for contribution to Community Appeals and other projects that impact us all. Your investment grows our community and can help your business grow too.

Board Member Alex Ramirez
2021-22 Chair of the Board

Alex Ramirez

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