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Small acts, big impact

The Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce promotes business and economic expansion, advocates for its members at the governmental level and offers numerous public events throughout the year, like the Sioux Empire Livestock Show or the YPN Crossroads Summit.

The Chamber employs 17 people, and each staff member will tell you the same thing: They can only do what they do—from welcoming new businesses, to developing young leaders, offering educational opportunities and saluting military veterans—with the help of the Chamber’s hundreds of volunteers.

These volunteers, who also give their time and energy to multiple other causes, make Chamber activities and events a priority for reasons as individual as they are. What stands out among civic-minded Chamber volunteers, however, is a deep devotion to making the community better and stronger and seeing businesses thrive. Through the Chamber, and its 11 different committees, they have found an outlet for their unique leadership skills.

“Volunteering with the Chamber has made me feel like the successes Sioux Falls has had, that I’m a part of those successes,” said Tiffany Miller, a 15-year volunteer.

Added member/volunteer Andrew Curley, “To make Sioux Falls a great place to raise a family, it takes volunteers like the Chamber of Commerce.”

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